Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What I've been up to for six weeks...no, not mischief.

It's my last few days here and I'm so happy to be heading home, but so sad at the same time that this incredible journey has ended. Today, Jane asked me to type up everything I've done while I've been here so I can see all the exciting and important things I really have achieved whilst on this internship. I will post the list here and they're not in any particular order:

What I’ve done on my six week internship in New Lanark, Scotland:

1. Visited London, the British Museum, and the Tower of London.
2. Visited Edinburgh twice- Edinburgh Castle, Mary King’s Close, The National Museum of Scotland, The National Portrait Gallery, St. Giles Cathedral, the old Scottish Parliament buildings, the Royal Commission.
3. Visited Glasgow twice- St. Mungo’s Museum, Glasgow Cathedral (with Jane), Glasgow University Business Archives (with Aynsley).
4. Went to National Museums Association Conference with Jane.
5. Went to a meeting about a local historic park, Castlebank Park with Jane.
6. Visited Lanark Library.
7. Made a list of materials available at Lanark Library.
8. Visited Stirling Castle, Loch Lomond, and Glencoe.
9. Did SCRAN and e-Hive Training.
10. Visited International Co-Operative Conference at New Lanark Institute for the Formation of Character, and sat in on a workshop educating young people about budgeting their money.
11. Helped with Midsummer on the Roof Garden Event.
12. Scottish Wildlife Trust Badger Watch with Jane.
13. Went to New Lanark Trustees Meeting.
14. Went to Dress Rehearsal of Jane’s Dancing Show and helped with the music.
15. Went to Jane’s Dancing Show.
16. Attended Robert Owen Commemoration Lecture.
17. Visited Hamilton Low Parks Museum with Jane.
18. Going out to dinner with Hotel Staff.
19. Informal Leaving Dinner with New Lanark Staff.
20. Walked up the Nature Reserve with Dr. Shefveland.
21. Walked up the hill 3 times and down the hill twice.
22. Wrote a blurb about the Birkmyre family for a publication on paintings.
23. Helped Jane create a standard cataloging manual for future search room volunteers.
24. Helped Jane decide on materials needed in the search room.
25. Helped Jane decide where/how to store archival documents, photos, and slides.
26. Helped Graeme and Kira with Robert Owen Book Launch Flyer.
27. Started a successful blog.
28. Survived 5 weeks alone!
29. Attended a staff catch-up meeting.

That's a ton of stuff! I didn't really realize the scope of all that I'd achieved until I sat down and really had to think about it. And I am proud of myself. I have survived on my own and managed to visit some amazing places, not to mention all the important work and training I've done regarding the search room, and I've managed to make some life-long connections that I'll never forget. What a wonderful thing. And now I'm heading home and I am going to write what will hopefully be the centerpiece paper of my college career. On a much different note, the Hotel Manager John who has graciously given me dinner, volunteered to take a picture with me so I will post that here. Stay tuned lovelies!---Catherine


  1. 30. Catalogued about 20 photographs! I know this wasn't the most exciting part but at least you got to see that your instructions and guidelines (which btw should be further up the list as the preparation was a major job!) actually work! ;)

  2. It's true! I loved seeing that ideas and procedures I came up with actually worked in a real world setting. :)